Do you have concrete garage flooring? Do you want to finish or coat it? When it comes to the best epoxy garage flooring in San Francisco, we know you have hundreds of companies to choose from, but the team at Beautiful Garage wants to win your business. We understand the difference between a garage that looks like a dungeon and a garage that shines like a showroom. Do want to show off your car or answer questions about your garage floor? Read on to learn more about the best concrete floor coating we recommend.

What’s better: Epoxy coating or paint?

First, we need to address the confusion many people fall into when it comes to paint, epoxy paint, and epoxy coating. To clarify, epoxy paint and epoxy coating are not the same product. Furthermore, garage floor paint is usually a latex acrylic product. Some manufacturers do offer a floor paint with 1-part epoxy, which offers better adhesion and durability, but it is not considered an epoxy product.

The interchangeable terminology between paint and coating surfaced because epoxy manufacturers made a marketing decision to try and capitalize on the garage floor paint audience, renaming or attributing their epoxy product to the floor-paint market. What some would call a simple marketing decision has caused a lot of confusion for those in the DIY arena. For those looking for epoxy coating, epoxy paint, or paint for flooring, they can initially be confused on which product is best for their project. We understand, and it’s why we’ve made an effort to clear up the confusion.

What’s better for your garage floor, epoxy coating, epoxy paint, or floor paint? It depends on your budget, timeline, and ultimately the vision you have for your garage. At Beautiful Garage, we offer numerous epoxy coating products to finish your garage floor. We want to offer a showroom finish for your garage space, whether it is for your car, motorcycles, bicycles, or man-cave. We’re all about delivering high-quality, utilizing the finest materials, and providing the best professional garage floor service team in San Francisco.

What is an epoxy floor coating?

Unlike paint, epoxy cures. Two components, one part epoxy resin and one part polyamine hardener, are mixed to create a reaction, which results in a hardened, durable epoxy floor coating. Temperature, timing, and application process are all factors in getting your garage floor coating just right, which is why Beautiful Garage highly recommends using our professional floor team to apply the epoxy coating for you.

Concrete floor prep with epoxy coating

It’s important to note that epoxy floor coating comes in various “solids” to indicate how much of the coating will remain on the floor once the application has cured. This means that once the epoxy coating has been mixed, applied, and cured, you will have a percentage of the solid material in the mixture still on the floor while the carrier agents (water or solvent) will evaporate. Do you know which percentage you want or need for your garage flooring project? Beautiful Garage can help determine which is the best for you, leaning more towards the higher percentage solid mixtures to give a more durable, stylish finish.

Beautiful Garage will transform your garage into a showroom

Whether you need just an epoxy floor coating or you want to transform your entire garage, we can help. We offer custom cabinets, storage, and epoxy flooring solutions to the greater San Francisco Bay Area. Offering the finest materials from the best manufacturers in the, our professional garage experts can take your ordinary garage and convert it into the perfect space for your needs. Review our gallery or give us a call today!