Have you noticed the clutter growing in your garage? Do you need a garage storage system to organize all your belongings? Beautiful Garage serves the greater San Francisco Bay Area with the finest quality materials, the best manufacturers, and an expert service team. We understand that life can be hectic, and you just want your garage organization to take care of itself. That’s where we come in. We can design, plan, and install a custom storage system for your garage to get all your items off the floor and into a designated place. With this in mind, we offer the best custom storage solutions to our clients. Continue reading to learn more.

How to maximize garage storage space

It can be tough to decide how you want to organize your garage before you consider all the items you may have in the garage. The garden equipment, the bicycles, the cars, and much more can be a factor when choosing how to maximize your garage space. Where will you place it all? How much of it do you want to leave on the floor? Can you get everything, even your car in some instances, off the floor when stored? These are a few questions the Beautiful Garage team answers regularly with new clients who need a garage storage solution. In fact, we’ve come up with at least 3 ways you can maximize your garage space:

Add Wall Cabinets: Not only will you be able to store items in these cabinets, but you’ll also present a classier, stylish look to those visiting. No more are the days you have tools lying around on a makeshift bench, or your car maintenance items stuffed in a back corner. Stop shoving your stuff out of the way to get to your car door. Install cabinets to organize your items and enjoy the extra floor space.

Install Wall Organizers: A system to hang or shelve your items along the wall clears up a lot of floor space. This could mean the difference between squeezing in and out of your car every day and comfortably enjoying a second car in the garage. If you’re collecting classic cars, you want any and all items secured as far away from the car as possible.

Alternative Storage: Shelving, hooks, and mobile workstations all offer more floor space for your garage. Shelves give you a place to organize items. Hooks allow you to hang cords, hoses, wires, jackets, and more until you need them. Mobile workstations offer a better way to work on your car, whether a daily commuter or a classic. Simply bring the workbench over to you instead of having to walk back and forth seven times to figure out which size wrench you need.

When it comes to garage storage space, you want to think about how you use the space on a regular basis. Do you have any outdoor or indoor activities you consistently practice? Does your garage simply serve as a storage space for your household items, your car, and some other knick-knacks? All of these factors and much more need to be considered when designing your garage storage system.

Choose Beautiful Garage for your storage design!

Tired of your garage being disorganized? Need cabinets or additional storage to get your items off the floor? Beautiful Garage can help. We offer custom cabinets and storage solutions to fit your needs. The only possession that should be on the floor in your garage is your car, which we’ve seen is optional with car lifts or the like. Nonetheless, if you’re looking to organize your garage, give us a call today!