Choosing to get industrial metal cabinets installed custom for your garage is a great way to achieve a more organized, beautiful, spacious place for your car, tools, and other equipment. It also can help you turn your cluttered mess into an organized man cave with all the features, capabilities, and aesthetic characteristics you want.

Garage cabinets in general are a fantastic alternative to a garage expansion. People with clutter problems in their garages sometimes are tempted to get a shed or build out their current garage. Before you do that though, a more cost-effective, simple method is to get a garage cabinet system installed. One material for such cabinet systems that we recommend here at Garage Solutions, Inc. is steel. Steel garage cabinets are excellent for a number of different reasons, which we will be covering in this post. If you are in or around San Francisco and would like to get custom steel garage cabinets installed, contact us today for a free consultation.

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Advantages of Industrial Metal Cabinets

While you may have the idea that metal cabinets are more suitable for industrial settings than for your residential garage, with our custom design options, we can make it look fantastic. Check out our gallery for examples of what we can do with steel and other materials!

Here are some advantages of metal garage cabinets:

#1: Thematically Customizable

Lots of different types of storage and organization themes are possible when you choose to get custom steel cabinets installed in your garage. For example, if you want your modern, sleek car to match its surroundings, you can make the whole garage thematically chrome on chrome. Or perhaps you want to make your vintage car look like it’s in a garage from the era it is from? Red checkered epoxy floors and shiny red metal cabinets would look very appropriate. If you spend a lot of time working on your car in your garage, an auto shop vibe can be achieved as well by getting industrial metal cabinets installed. The possibilities are endless!

#2: Make the Most of Your Garage Space

Upgrading your shelving is a huge way to get your garage more organized and increase the amount of active space. Shelves and cabinets from Garage Solutions can be customized for whatever sized tools or equipment you have. Prioritize creating active space in your garage over dead space to optimize every aspect of this important part of your house. Instead of avoiding spending time in your garage because there is no space to do anything, think about how much better it would be if you had clear floors, organized belongings, and way more open space? You could work on your car, make your garage into a man cave, or any number of other things. Embracing garage storage and organization strategies, such as having the right cabinets installed, can turn your cluttered garage into a whole new room in the house just for you.

#3: Improve the Aesthetic

We touched on this point earlier when we discussed creating a theme, but if you want your garage to look nice, garage storage and organization equipment are going to play an important role in making that possible. Your neighbors, family, and friends will be impressed with the new look and more open space!

#4: Better For the Bay Area Climate

Metal cabinets fare better than wood and other types of garage cabinets because of the high level of humidity here in the Bay Area. If you’ve lived here for a while, you are likely well aware of all the ways that moisture and salt in the air can cause damage to your home. The humidity can lead those prefab particle board wood cabinets to expand and contract as the temperature and humidity changes, causing them to break down rapidly, warping them, and leading them to develop cracks. Metal garage cabinets don’t have this problem, and all of our cabinets are coated to protect them from rusting as well.

#5: Customizable

Customized components around your home tend to be more useful than elements that aren’t made for specific spaces. For example, the cabinetry in your kitchen is not only there to store all your kitchen wares, but to use the space effectively and create an appropriate aesthetic. Just like that, your garage also will benefit from getting a custom wall system and metal cabinets installed. Doing so can help transform it into a more purpose-built space. Want to turn your garage into a man cave? Custom cabinets can give you the extra space to do so, while also working together with the design to create delineations within the area. For example, you might add a built-in bar or a TV area.

Before we begin on your customized industrial metal cabinets, we provide a 3D rendering of what it will look like so you can get a clear idea before we build it what your space will look like and how it will function. This is particularly helpful in cases where you want to turn your garage into more of a living space and less exclusively a storage space.

#6: Better Return On Investment (ROI)

For your average homeowner, a garage is more of a nonentity in terms of valuable places in your house. One key difference between prefab cabinets and metal cabinets is the return on investment. While prefab cabinets quickly look worn down and uninteresting, custom metal cabinets fit in the space perfectly and last much longer, meaning you get more value from the space when you use it, and if you sell your house, it can be added into the pricing estimate by the real estate agent. A garage with a built-in storage solution can be an excellent, unique appeal to potential home buyers. What’s more, if you have added custom metal cabinets in your garage as part of a larger conversion of it into a full living space, this can be even more appealing and help boost the long-term value of your home even more.

A Commitment To Quality

If you want to transform your garage into a space that is more purpose-driven, beautiful, and valuable, turn it into a space you want to use! Doing so will likely involve getting a new garage cabinet system installed. We manufacture and install both wood and metal cabinets. Though metal tends to be more expensive upfront, it will likely last much longer and look excellent for all those years that it’s in use. We here at Garage Solutions pride ourselves on producing the highest-quality metal cabinets in the industry, so we can provide garage design solutions that are truly a cut above. You don’t need to simply take our word for that either. Check out our testimonials to see how our insistence on amazing quality and long-term service extends through every project we undertake. Our experienced team will guide you through the decision-making process as well. Contact us today to get a complimentary consultation!